Friday, February 9, 2007

cascada post 1

So today I learned that google lets anyone have a blog for free. That's fine. But I'm sure they bought someone out and that worries me a bit. I used once to like microsoft. I still like that Bill Gates puts money and effort to fight malaria and aids and stuff. But google starts to remind me of microsoft and I get a bit worried. Where does the other shoe fall when I set up this brand new free blog with google?

Since this is my very first blog post, with no expectation that I will talk to anyone save myself, I thought I should at least explain why it is called 'cascada'. That is best explained by a picture:

This is the view out my front window that I see every morning when I get up.

'Cascada', as you may know is the Spanish word for waterfalls. Hopefully, if you click on it, it will be 640 by 480 pixels. But I don't know this blog software yet, so who knows.

Anyway, I am retired and live with my wife and with Rita and Louie (mis mascotes) in Mexico in a small place not far from Xalapa, in the state of Veracruz.

Finally, I may as well tell you that using this blogger software has not been fun. It refused to insert the picture after the cursor and instead put it above the first paragraph. I had to cut and paste to get it where I wanted. That caused other problems.

And the preview and published product don't look much alike. Oh well! So far this is not fun, and I may just give it up and and put this on my homepage, without the ability to comment. So if this is the last blog entry from me, that is why.

Here is a picture I took recently in Xalapa. It is on my flickr page.

Scene in Xalapa

It is a photo taken on calle Ursulo Galvan, on the right near the bottom of the hill.

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