Sunday, June 8, 2008

Swimming Tadpoles

This is a test to see if tadpoles can swim in this blog.
But why are there 4 blank lines at the top?

End of test. It appears that they can. They were created by Patrick Snels whose other art and design work you can find by clicking here. If you can explain, or tell me how to remove the 4 blank lines above the image, please do so.


Terry said...

Hi James:
I just found your blog and your web page and I have become an instant fan of yours. I hope you don't mind; I have listed your blog as a site of interest on my own. BTW: Loved Sen. Byrd's speech!

Best to you from NYC,

Jon Peltier said...

Look at the HTML code for the page. There are six line breaks ( <br> ) ahead of the image. Reduct this to two, and I'll bet the space will be appropriate.

mazsu said...

fantastic! :o)))

JB said...

Thanks! We need more Sen Byrd's!

Jon Peltier,
Unfortunately the lame blogger software won't let me edit the full html, and in "edit html mode" it shows 0 blank lines above the picture, and in "non-html" edit mode it shows no white space above the picture, nor as a part of it. :-(.

mazsu, thanks. I like the stuff on your blog.