Sunday, June 17, 2007

cascada post 16

Finding Cascada

Google Analytics (the free version) tells me that 14 people in 11 different cities around the world have visited my blog in the last two days. Now that's some warm fuzzies!. Well, maybe not, because Google Analytics also tells me that the average length of visit was zero seconds! Hmm. They must have been looking for something other than the strange fare I offer. Again, Google Analytics, to the rescue. They were looking for photos and information about the singer who calls herself 'Cascada' -- or maybe that is the name of the group.

So, if that is why you are here, this is for you:

Cascada the singer

But your jollies may be limited since you probably saw this photo already, 'cause I stole it off the web. If the owner wants it back I'll be happy to oblige.

Sorry to disappoint you but the namesake of this blog is the cascada I see every morning when I get up and look out my front room window.

This cascada:

Cascada -- before the storm

Cascada -- after the storm

Hang in there, you cascada fans! But that is it for today.

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