Saturday, June 23, 2007

cascada post 17

Hark Back

There was once, long ago, a day when Africa had a chance. Sadly, it seems, that day has passed.Here are four photos I took in West Africa, which I remember fondly, many years ago.

Transportation, Kano, Nigeria, August, 1965

Young Girl, Kano, Nigeria, August, 1965

Waiting for the mammy wagon (as was I), Kano, Nigeria, August, 1965

Court in session, Kaduna, Nigeria, August, 1965

It will take a concerted effort .......

But maybe there is hope. See Gobou's photos.


Oaktown Pablo said...

Nice photos! I especially like the one of the kid at the bus stop. I sure hope there's hope.

JB said...

Thanks for your comment, oaktown pablo. Me too on the hope. But I'm afraid there is a very long row to hoe for all ..