Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Dog Art

I know. The title should say 'The Dog in Art'. If you came here looking for dog art I apologize. But this title is surely more of a lure. My file of art pictures with dogs now has about 125 pictures, so I thought I would share a few and maybe more another time. Most of these pictures have been on my computer for a long time. Some came from usenet and others from web sites and I really didn't keep track. If you see something that is 'yours' and you want me to remove it or provide a link to your site containing it, please let me know.

First is a detail from a 16th century Korean art piece attributed to Yi Am, 1499-1566.

Dog with feather (detail) -- 16th century, Korean
Attributed to Yi Am, 1499-1566

Picasso apparently liked dogs. At any rate I have seen several photographs of Picasso with dogs. Here is a Picasso painting with a dog from his 'blue period'.

Boy with Dog -- Picasso -- 1905

Next is a curious painting of Charles Christian Nahl (1818-1878) who was born and studied art in Germany, moved to Paris in 1846 where he exhibited in the Paris Salon. To escape the French revolution he moved the United States and ultimately went to California during the 'gold rush'. Not finding gold he opened a studio in Sacramento and later moved to San Francisco.

Sacramento Indian with Dogs -- Charles Christian Nahl -- 1867
(see it large )

Charles Christian Nahl did lots of commission work to support himself, including designing the Grizzly Bear that appears on the California state flag. He ultimately died in San Francisco of typhoid fever in 1878.

The next image is by Paulus Potter was a Dutch painter in the period of the 'Dutch Golden Age' who specialized in painting landscapes with animals. He was born in 1625 and died of tuberculosis at the young age of 28, in 1654. In spite of such an early demise he painted over 100 paintings and this one is truly a portrait.

The Wolfhound -- Paulus Potter -- 1650-52
(see it larger )

There is a sad dog that roams our neighborhood here in Mexico that looks a lot like Potter's wolfhound. Someday I'll get a picture of it.

The famous Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo (1899 – 1991) made several images featuring dogs. This one is called 'Perro Aullando' (Howling Dog).

Perro Aullando -- Rufino Tamayo -- 1960

I'm not sure if the black disk in the background, with the faint image inside it, is supposed to be the moon or the sun or what. Nor do I know why it is black. In any case this picture could just as well be in one of my 'art circles' posts!

Next is a detail from an etching of Italian printmaker Stefano della Bella (1610 - 1664).

Two Hunting Dogs (detail) -- Stefano della Bella -- 1641
(see it larger)

Acclaimed contemporary artist Lucian Michael Freud was born in Berlin in 1922, a grandson of Sigmund Freud. When about 11 years old, he moved with his parents to London to escape Nazi Germany. Here are two interesting paintings of Lucian Freud with dogs as important parts of their subject matter. I especially like this next image, partly because the dog reminds me a lot of our strange dog Cosi.

Eli and David -- Lucian Freud -- 2005-6

The next (and last) image is, I think, quite familiar. It is called 'Girl with a White Dog' but the subject is Freud's first wife, Kathleen Garman.

Girl with a White Dog -- Lucian Freud -- 1951-52
(see it larger)

Why her right breast is exposed, I have no idea -- especially since the white dog is already such an interesting subject!


Moira said...

I have a google alert for "dog art" and I found your blog tonight. I love this post! You feature several painters and paintings I have never heard of. Very cool.

Check out my blog and see some more dogs in art :)

JB said...

Thank you moira! I hope your dog art blog/business thrives. One day I will have another dog posting.

Moira said...

I included your Korean puppy on my post today bout non-western dog art. Check it out...


JB said...

No problem using the 16th century Korean puppy. I have to confess I snagged it from the internet, but I don't remember where. I checked out your post. Very interesting.

Look for another dog art post here soon.